Pythagoras is a compliance and client management software company founded in 2005 and serving more than 1000 companies worldwide.
Pythagoras solutions mainly concern the compliance and risk management sector.


The World Check database is part of the Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions suite and contains names of politically exposed persons (PEPs) and those with high risk. This data is used all over the world to identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk.
The creation of the database was in response to legislation aimed at reducing the impact of financial crimes. World-Check intelligence is used by banks and financial institutions as a complete solution for assessing, managing and resolving risk. However, as legislation has become increasingly complex and its scope has become increasingly global, demand has gone beyond the financial sector to include organizations from all sectors.
Berma is Thomson Reuters World Check distributor for the territories: Italy, San Marino, Vatican, Cyprus and Malta.


Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is a global provider of third-party risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. Working with customers around the world, it has created products and services to help companies assess third-party risks faster and with greater confidence. We provide research tools and outsourced services for on-boarding, audits and investigations to help companies comply with anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, corruption and economic sanctions regulations to mitigate third party risk. With a global team of experienced researchers, flexible delivery options and enriched third-party risk data, it offers a suite of compliance solutions to help compliance professionals quickly and effectively reduce risk while retaining limited resources.



Personal and financial information, ratings, shareholdings, shareholdings and M & A on companies, banks and insurance companies all over the world.
Complete, comparable, immediately available data and user-friendly and customizable software solutions.



One of the most important actors of Information Technology “Made in Italy” with headquarter in Trento and a turnover of 230 million euros. The identity of software vendor combined with the skills of system integration and digital design put Dedagroup as a natural interlocutor in the development of digital innovation of companies, public bodies and financial institutions.


M.I.T. is specialized in software production and consulting for companies that operate mainly in the financial sector and holding companies.
The M.I.T. procedures make possible to easily deal with the regulatory and legislative problems of the obligations imposed on the companies registered in the Financial Intermediaries of the FIU / Bank of Italy and Consob.


For over fifty years, they have offered fiduciary administration of goods in Italy and abroad with seriousness and professionalism. A solid and independent structure, made up of professionals in the field who dynamically perceive and anticipate changes.

A loyal partner recognized as a reference for their category. A loyal and reliable employee for intermediaries and operators in the sector. A family office with an international approach to the Italian market.